Rice Staff

Rice Staff

Lillie Besozzi headshot
Lillie Besozzi

Executive Director

Ryan Brown headshot
Ryan Brown

Managing Director for Measurement

Janeen Antonelli headshot
Janeen Antonelli

Assistant Director for Coaching

Stephanie Taylor headshot
Stephanie Taylor

Assistant Director for Leader Development

Sarah Sullivan headshot
Sarah Sullivan

Assistant Director for Administration and Finance

Donnica Mitchell headshot
Donnica Mitchell

Administrative Assistant

Gary Garrett headshot
Gary Garrett

Administrative Assistant

Carla Ortega Santori headshot
Carla Ortega Santori

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Kirsten Westmoreland headshot
Kirsten Westmoreland

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jessica Lee headshot
Chong (Jessica) Lee

Digital Communications & Marketing Specialist

Lisa O'Connor headshot
Lisa O’Connor

Executive Assistant