Ryan Brown headshot

Ryan P. Brown, Ph.D., is the Managing Director for Measurement and Associate Director at the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University. He regularly consults with organizations on ways to measure their impact on people and achieve transformational goals across industries including publishing, banking, government, the non-profit sector, and education. Prior to the Doerr Institute, Ryan was the L. J. Semrod Presidential Professor of Psychology at The University of Oklahoma, where he taught and helped establish the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing. He has published more than 60 scientific articles on human thought and behavior over the last 25 years and is the author/co-author of three books—Honor Bound: How a Cultural Ideal Has Shaped the American Psyche (Oxford University Press, 2016), Leadership Reckoning: Can Higher Education Develop the Leaders We Need? (Monocle Press, 2021), and Measuring the Mist: A Practical Guide for Discovering What Really Works in Leader Development (Doerr Institute, 2022).

Ryan graduated cum laude from Rice University and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. He taught briefly at Amherst College before joining the faculty of The University of Oklahoma in 2000. Ryan joined the Doerr Institute in 2017.