The Surprising Science of Meetings


Learn the key drivers that make meetings successful.

A recent estimate suggests that employees collectively endure a staggering 55 million meetings a day in the U.S. Most companies and leaders view poor meetings as an inevitable cost of doing business, but managers can take heart. Researchers now have a clear understanding of the key drivers that make meetings successful. In this Special Edition module, with expert Steven G. Rogelberg, participants will explore the proven practices and techniques that help managers and employees enhance the quality of their meetings. Rogelberg will provide immediate guidance and relief, offering a how-to guide to change your working life starting today

Spring 2023 Schedule

Special Edition: Mar. 30 and Apr. 13 6-8 PM CST (Thursdays)

Please note this module meets twice for two hours. You must be able to virtually attend both sessions to sign-up.

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Registration for Spring 2023 Catalyst modules closes 48-hours prior to the first session of each module. All questions regarding Catalyst may be directed to Stephanie Taylor at