Leadership Workshops

What is Catalyst?

This is the perfect program for both Doerr first-timers and Doerr pros!
Grow your leadership expertise in specific areas with these specialized, multi-session workshops that focus on a single leadership competency. Catalyst modules are multi-session workshops that focus on a single leadership competency. They are free to all Rice students and are easy to fit into your schedule.

Catalyst includes: 

  • Assessment of your current skill set related to a specific leader competency 
  • Practice in evidence-based frameworks in a personalized context 
  • Peer support to develop your unique skill sets further 
  • Hands-on practice with realistic scenarios in interactive environments
  • Low time-commitment: two evening sessions and during one semester (2 hours each, 2 weeks apart) 

New to Doerr? 
Catalyst is a great way to learn about yourself as a leader and cultivate leadership skills. 

Already taken Doerr programs? 
Catalyst can help you sharpen a specific leadership skill set and advance you to the next level of leadership. 

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