Become a consciously inclusive leader.

Join the Doerr Institute for this special edition module where expert Stefanie Johnson and best-selling author of Inclusify will guide you on how to interrupt your unconscious biases to strengthen your decision-making from an inclusive lens.

Most leaders want to be inclusive but just don't know what steps to take to get there. Using simple, research-based practices, Johnson will explain what it takes to make people feel included by digging into the two most basic human needs: to be unique and to belong. She will also explain the importance of inclusive practices amidst Covid-19 and the unique challenges and opportunities brought on by the pandemic for inclusion and belonging.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Special Edition: March 17 & March 31 at 6-8 PM (Wednesdays)

Please note this module meets twice for two hours. You must be able to virtually attend both sessions to sign-up.

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