What is Synthesis?

Strengthen your leadership skills by interacting with fellow Rice students in group coaching sessions. Share common challenges and diverse perspectives with your campus leader peers and learn to coach each other with a professional leadership coach for support. 

Synthesis includes:  

  • Group coaching sessions with 5-10 peers
  • Led by a professional coach
  • Single leadership theme
  • Groups meet five times during one semester (90 minutes each) 

New to Doerr? 
Synthesis is an excellent, first-time coaching experience. You get to experience coaching with a certified, professional coach and you get to connect with other students as you work toward a personalized leadership goal. Learn about yourself as a leader before you dive into the Doerr programs. 

Already taken Doerr programs? 
Synthesis is a great way to expand the work you've already done in other coaching programs. If you have completed Activation coaching, Synthesis give you the opportunity to continue your coaching experience with a peer group and a group coach. 


Spring 2024  Leadership Themes

Spring 2024 Registration is Closed!

Summer registration opens April 2024.
Fall registration opens August 2024.