Deliver Feedback

Make your input matter.

How skilled are you in sharing input that drives behavioral change in others? Are you able to share feedback with someone without creating defensiveness or resistance? Strong feedback can positively impact an entire team’s culture, outcomes and motivation. In this module, you will learn a three-step framework for how to provide meaningful and positive feedback to others. You will also unpack best practices for receiving feedback from others.

Spring 2021 Schedule

  • Option 1: March 29 & April 12 at 6-8 PM (Mondays)
  • Option 2: March 24 & April 7 at 6-8 PM (Wednesdays)

All Catalyst programs will take place virtually for the Spring 2021 semester. Please note that each module meets twice for two hours. You must be able to attend both sessions to sign-up.

Ready to get started?

Registration for Spring 2021 closed on February 5, 2021. All questions regarding Catalyst may be directed to Stephanie Taylor at Please check back at the end of the Spring semester for Summer 2021 registration details and deadlines.