Professional CoachRICE

In-Person Program Format

This program is divided into four modules. Each module is comprised of 12 classroom hours and three hours of pre-class assignments. Modules are delivered through a combination of face-to-face instruction, presentations, discussions, dyadic exercises, fishbowls and other interactive methods and independent studies. All required modules, including pre-class hours, are completed over a period of four months. Classes will take place on the Rice University campus, and the location will be provided to students upon registration.

Total Hours: 48 classroom instruction + 12 asynchronous (self-study) = 60 coach-specific hours


All modules are delivered in Standard English (U.S.).

  • Introduction to Leadership Coaching | Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, 1-5 p.m. and Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Essential Tools and Methodologies for Coaching | Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020, 1-5 p.m. and Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Goal Focused Coaching | Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020, 1-5 p.m. and Friday, Oct. 23, 2020, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Inclusion Practices in Coaching | Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, 1-5 p.m. and Friday, Nov. 20, 2020, from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

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We are now accepting applications for our fall 2020 cohorts (in-person and virtual). The application deadline for early decision is May 20, 2020. The general application deadline is June 10, 2020.

Consider joining us for one of our upcoming info sessions to learn more. All questions regarding our globally recognized CoachRICE community may be directed to CoachRICE@rice.edu.

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