Conflict Isn't a Dirty Word


Conflict is required for growth.  

What do you do when you encounter conflict or tension with others? Do you withdraw? Do you enter into confrontations with an open mind? Do you engage in conflict as an opportunity for learning and innovation? In this highly interactive module, participants will reflect on their current conflict orientation and how it impacts their leadership. After an exploration of personal values and common sources of interpersonal conflict, participants will practice proactive positive responses to conflict.

Spring 2023 Schedule

  • Jan. 17 and Jan. 31 at 6-8 PM CST (Tuesdays)

Please note this Catalyst module will take place in-person and you must be able to attend both sessions to sign-up. 

Ready to get started?

Registration for Spring 2023 Catalyst modules closes 48-hours prior to the first session of each module. All questions regarding Catalyst may be directed to Stephanie Taylor at