Team Foundations


Evaluate the effectiveness of a team. 

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, teams are being asked to solve more increasingly challenging problems and leaders must be equipped with the basic foundations for team effectiveness. In this module, participants will explore the foundations of a team that includes how to communicate a clear and compelling vision, create aligned and measurable goals, distribute and align resources, and understand ways to track progress. Leaders will be asked to evaluate the effectiveness of a team that they currently lead and identify an opportunity for growth to apply.

Spring 2023 Schedule

  • Feb. 16 and Mar. 2 at 6-8 PM CST (Thursdays)

Please note this Catalyst module will take place in-person and you must be able to attend both sessions to sign-up. 

Ready to get started? 

Registration for Spring 2023 Catalyst modules closes 48-hours prior to the first session of each module. All questions regarding Catalyst may be directed to Stephanie Taylor at