Improvements in Leadership Education & Development


The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, in partnership with the Carnegie Elective Classifications Team with guidance from the Carnegie Foundation, is working to establish an improvement process for colleges and universities in Leadership for Public Purpose. By Leadership for Public Purpose we mean:

"leadership [in] private business, public and nonprofit institutions, neighborhood and community life, professional associations, civil and government institutions, religious institutions, etc. Effective leadership transcends functional or instrumental leadership (ie. focused narrowly on personal or process outcomes), in pursuit of collective public goods (ie. justice, equity, diversity, security, etc.) [Commitment at] an institutional level requires commitment to leader development; development of ethical and moral judgment; and development of critical thinking necessary to understand systemic and cultural aspects of power and privilege...

[and]...commit[ment] to leadership [as a means to], enhance the learning, teaching and research mission of [the] institution by: developing leadership abilities in all institutional stakeholders; contributing to the public scholarly understanding of leadership as a public good, and understanding of the sociopolitical contexts, systems, and practices within which all leadership resides; and preparing students for lives of leadership in their careers, communities and the broader society."

The proposed improvement process we are building together begins with an elective classification for institutions seeking to be recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for exceptional commitment to leadership development and education.

"Carnegie Foundation Elective Classifications require institutions to undergo a rigorous process of self-study from which they provide evidence of their institutional indicators including: assessment of student learning, curricular and co-curricular offerings, faculty and staff rewards and contributions, mission statements, strategic plans, etc. Institutions that demonstrate, through the evidence they provide, an extraordinary institutional commitment, receive the Carnegie Foundation's endorsement as a Classified Institution."

This new Elective Classification will begin the process of creating an institutional and sector-level continuous improvement process, grounded in the identification and sharing of best practices in leadership education and development that can be transformative for higher education.

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