Support for Student Activists 

A Message from the Director

"Organizing is relatively easy when compared to also formulating a strategy and vision, and inspiring people to create pragmatic solutions and accomplish lasting change. Our principal aim is to assist student activists as they develop as leaders at all phases, from initial organizing through strategy formulation, and in executing the strategy to achieving change. To quote John Doerr, 'Ideas are easy, execution is everything.' We are committed to helping you, start to finish, learn to lead better, and by doing so, succeed at achieving the changes we all hope to see." - Tom Kolditz, Doerr Institute director

We are here to support you as you impact what you care about most.

The Doerr Institute recognizes activism as a rich opportunity to exercise your leader skills in the community. Since the Doerr Institute's inception, we have offered support to a myriad of student activists including leaders from BLMHTX, Pro-Choice Rice, Mobility Safety Committee, etc.

We can support your leader development journey and help you become as effective as possible in your activist role in a number of ways. Please see a sample of the opportunities available to you below. For our full menu of programs, please click here.

All programs at the Doerr Institute are offered at no cost to all Rice students. Choose any of the programs below that fit your leadership needs.

Help shape our future program offerings.

In addition to offering ongoing programs, we want your help in shaping our future programs that are customized to fit the specific needs of student activists and students passionate about social and political change. Please submit your ideas and suggestions below for future program topics.


Work one-on-one with a professional leadership coach who will help you strengthen specific leadership skills you choose that fit your leadership context as an activist. Increase your self-awareness and identify and achieve your goals in the area of social and political change.

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Strengthen your leadership skills through interaction with your Rice peers in a supportive and creative space that fosters discussion on specific leadership themes. These sessions are facilitated by a professional leadership coach and will help you uncover various perspectives related to common challenges and experiences as a student activist.

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The Doerr Institute wants to support you with customized programming for student activists. As we build our future program offerings, we would like your input on potential topics or themes to consider.

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