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What is CoachRICE?

CoachRICE: A Leadership Coaching Program is facilitated by professionals from the Doerr Institute and uses a variety of teaching methodologies to give you a practical coaching skillset combined with the rigorous academic standards of Rice University. The CoachRICE program will train and equip you to develop your team members and high potential leaders, all while strengthening your entire organization. After successful completion of the program, participants will earn a Rice Certificate of Achievement verifying completion of the 80 hours of coach-specific training and practicum required for the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential application.

Administered by the Jones Graduate School of Business, CoachRICE includes concentrated learning modules and a practicum where participants will explore processes that combine collaboration, creativity and compassion to become an agent of change for clients and organizations.

Are you interested?

The application deadline to join our Spring 2021 cohorts (in-person and virtual) has been extended to November 18, 2020. All questions regarding our globally recognized CoachRICE community may be directed to CoachRICE@rice.edu.

If you are a Rice University alumni interested in participating in this program while also contributing to your lifetime giving record, please check out our Alumni programs page.

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