Graduate Ambassadors

Our Graduate Ambassadors want to hear from you.

A Doerr Institute Graduate Ambassador is a Rice graduate or post-doctoral student who has completed substantial leadership development with the Doerr Institute and is eager to serve as a representative for the Doerr Institute at various outreach events on campus.

Each of these students has a unique leadership journey and are willing to share with you their experiences with the Doerr Institute. Please feel free to reach out to any Graduate Ambassador for a better understanding of the impact we are having on students at Rice.

If you are interested in becoming a Graduate Ambassador, please reach out to Stephanie Taylor at

Graduate Fellows

Alen Trubelja headshot
Alen Trubelja


Joshua Hill headshot
Joshua Hill

Applied Physics

Krishna Badhiwala headshot
Krishna Badhiwala

Bioengineering and Neuroengineering

Priscilla Dias da Silva headshot
Priscilla Dias da Silva

Chemical Engineering

Sean Bittner headshot
Sean Bittner


Yi--Lin Chen headshot
Yi-Lin Chen

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering