Praise for
Demystifying Measurement

Jason Weber
Associate Vice President of People & Values at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

"The Demystifying Measurement course provides a new perspective on how to consider measuring leader development. Beyond simple surveys, there are multiple ways we can explore the impact our programs are having on our leaders. Having confidence that your program is truly a value add for leaders is essential. This course provides the opportunity to step back and reflect."

Omar Gonzalez-Valentino
Director of Behavioral Health at TruEvolution, Inc.

"The Demystifying Measurement course has benefitted me in two important ways. The collaborative contact with other experienced leadership scholars and professionals has positioned me to make long-lasting and convivial connections that are personal in nature and valuable for my career. In addition, the broad strokes theoretical conversations balanced with highly technical research/statistics know-how will serve to make my current and future research projects come to fruition with a high degree of fidelity and rigor."

Ilya Gokham
Lecturer at the Hammack School of Business at Oglethorpe University

"This course uniquely combines rigorous research methods with the leadership context. You learn about some of the latest and greatest approaches to leader development, while also learning how to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts."

Herbert Donovan
Assistant Professor in the College of Business at Rikkyo University

"This is an excellent survey course detailing effective and valid techniques for measuring the effectiveness of a leadership education program."

Rick Bistline
Coach and Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University

"I would recommend anyone who loves the art and practice of leadership to take this course. It will enlighten you on just how poorly programs lack real measurement of their outcomes."

Jack FitzGerald
University of Cincinnati Coordinator of the Warren Bennis Leadership Institute

"We are actively using the materials provided by the staff at the Doerr Institute in establishing the leadership institute at our university.  The knowledge, expertise, and teaching done by Doerr is leading the way on how leader development is done in higher education.  Anyone interested in doing this work must take note of their efforts."