Leadership Stipends

Doerr Institute Leadership Stipends provide students in formal leadership positions with financial and developmental support through grants of up to $5,000 and continued leader development support during and after their tenure. The purpose of the stipend is to encourage and support the development of students' capacity to lead across the university by increasing accessibility to unpaid leadership opportunities on campus for students who demonstrate financial need.

  • Must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student at Rice University.
  • Currently hold or intend to run/apply for an unpaid leadership position on campus. (Eligible positions include, but are not limited to, elected or appointed leadership positions in student government, the residential college system, and student-run clubs or organizations).
  • Demonstrate financial need.
Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on their fulfillment of the following criteria.

  • Leadership Responsibility
    • Applications will be evaluated based on the level of responsibility associated with the applicant's leadership position.
    • Priority will be given to applicants with leadership positions of higher complexity and responsibility.
  • Demonstrated Need
    • Financial need will be evaluated based on the family income brackets identified in the Rice Investment.
    • Priority will be given to students with a family income of $65,000 and below. A student's financial standing will not be shared beyond the review committee chosen to select the stipend recipients.
    • In addition to family income, applicants are encouraged to provide any additional information about their financial situation that would be relevant for the selection process.
  • Leader Development Plan
    • Applicants will submit a leader development plan which will be reviewed for details for how this student plans to use this leadership experience and position to learn and grow their capacity as a leader.
    • Applicants are encouraged to incorporate any support needed from the Doerr Institute (i.e. coaching, team training, etc.) into their leader development plans.
    • As a guide to draft their responses, applicants may use the Doerr Institute Leader Professional Coaching Leader Development Plan.
Award Process
  • Application Period:
    • Applications are open year-round and award decisions are announced in two cycles.
    • Spring Award:
      • Application Due: First day of Spring semester
      • Decision Announced: Mid-February
      • Distributed for use in the Spring Semester
    • Applications submitted after the due dates will be considered for the following semester’s award.
  • Review Period:
    • After award cycle deadlines, applications are reviewed by a committee of Doerr Institute staff based on the selection criteria above.
    • This is an extremely selective process, and not every applicant who meets the minimum criteria will be funded. If not selected for an award, students may re-submit their application for another cycle.
  • Award Distribution:
    • Awards will vary in size based on the selection criteria. Stipends are intended to support a student in a leadership position for one term (typically equivalent to two semesters). The maximum stipend amount is $5,000.
    • Stipends will be transferred to students in three parts. If for any reason, a stipend recipient leaves their leadership position before their tenure is up, they will forfeit any un-transferred funds.
      • The first third of the total stipend will be transferred to the student upon the commencement of the leadership position (or at the time of selection in the case of currently held positions).
      • The second third will be transferred approximately halfway through the expected tenure in the leadership position (typically 4-6 months after the initial funds are received).
      • The final third will be transferred in the final months of the expected tenure (typically 8-9 months after the initial funds are received).
    • If selected a student is required to schedule two coaching sessions with the Doerr Institute.
    • If a student is awarded a stipend, they must wait one year before applying for additional funding for another leadership position.
    • The Doerr Institute will not share a student's name if selected a recipient of a Doerr Institute Leadership Stipend unless given permission.

Interested in Applying?

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Note: Applications are accepted year round. To be considered for the Spring award, applications must be submitted the first day of the Spring semester.

All award decisions are announced to applicants within three weeks of the application due date.