Innovation Awards

Program Update

Due to COVID-19 and budgetary impacts, the Doerr Institute is suspending Innovation Awards until further notice. Researchers seeking funding for time-sensitive opportunities should reach out to our team at


Innovation Awards

The purpose of the Doerr Institute's Leader Development Innovation Awards is to encourage and support faculty contributions to the development of students' capacity to lead across Rice, through innovative teaching, curricular innovations, and relevant research. This is a "by faculty and for faculty" commitment that is intended to spark innovation in developing students as leaders and in creating knowledge that informs leader development.

Proposals to develop technologies to support leader-development processes are appropriate. Awards are not intended for teaching leadership as a topic per se, but for innovation in incorporating leader development in co-curricular fashion in support of existing academic program goals.

The maximum award is $60,000. Awards are one-time funds not intended for ongoing project support.

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