Improvements in Leadership Education & Development

Welcome! Thank you for being part of the group of scholars and practitioners gracious enough to offer feedback on this future Elective Classification. 

We are excited to continue working towards institutional transformation in leadership education and development. In order to accomplish that, we need your input on the latest version of the application framework for this institutional level self-assessment. 

If you are not familiar with the Elective Carnegie Classifications or our work up until now, please visit our website for an overview or contact Carla Ortega Santori at with any questions. Your contributions will help us create an improvement process for institutions in the area of leadership education and development, resulting in more and better leaders for society.  


Your feedback is instrumental to develop this Elective Classification. As you review this, do not think of yourself as a representative, ambassador, advocate or proponent of your center of school. Instead, you must adopt a university-level perspective to enable continuous improvement across varied institutional contexts. Please follow the instructions below to ensure we receive your input. 

1. Click here to open the draft.

2. You will be prompted to create an account on Give Pulse, please do so (it only takes a minute). This will enable you to re-visit the draft and will prevent a double submission. 

3. You will view the draft as an institution would when applying for the elective classification. We do not expect you to submit answers for the questions provided, instead, you will provide feedback on the questions, notes, and overall structure of the application. 

4. To share your feedback on a specific prompt, please enter any observations or suggestions in the text box that appears. If a text box is not available for a particular prompt, please use the next available text box and reference the prompt number in your text. 

5. To share general feedback, please use the sub-section "Reflections" under Section 11.

6. Click "Submit Application" when you are finished. 

Next Steps

We will be hosting a virtual meeting to discuss the advancements in the process and to engage in a live feedback session. If you are interested in joining the virtual meeting, please register here by August 3, 2020.

This draft application framework has been developed through a partnership between the Doerr Institute for New Leaders and the Carnegie Elective Classifications Team with guidance from the Carnegie Foundation. Our goal is to create an Elective Classification on Leadership for Public Purpose consistent with the Carnegie Foundation Elective Classification processes and practices established through the Elective Classification for Community Engagement. Once your feedback is collected and iterated on this draft, a final draft will be presented to the Foundation for review and potential endorsement as a new classification of the Carnegie Foundation.


Please reach out to Carla Ortega Santori at with any questions.